What is DR ABC?

DR ABC Is an acronym that has been developed by medical experts as a method of knowing how to deal with injured people at a road accident.

In this blog, I’ll explain how easy it is to know how to remember the DR ABC method. 

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The letters of DR ABC stand for:

  • Danger
  • Response
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation


Before you decide how to help the injured person, cheque all around for danger. you do not want to put yourself in any danger at all, and you need to decide what danger the patient is in. 

For example, the advice is not to move an injured person, but if you think they are in danger because the car was on fire, then you would need to move them of course.


Try to get a response from the person by talking to them and gently touching or moving their shoulder 


If there is no response you should open the persons ur way by putting your fingers under their chin and tilting upwards 


Check for signs of breathing 

Listen for breathing by putting your cheek near their mouth 

Look for chest movements 

Do this for at least 10 seconds 

if they’re not breathing then it’s time to start CPR. This is when you press down on their chest 

press down 5 to 6 centimetres in the centre of their chest 

press 2 times every 2nd that is 120 times per minute 

that is pumping at the same rate as the beat in the song staying alive by the Bee Gees 


This means to cheqck for signs of bleeding 

Make sure you protect yourself from their blood

Don’t remove anything stuck in the wound 

Is nothing is stuck in a person’s wound you can stem the flow of blood by applying pressure to the wound 

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Ann-Marie Winterburn 

Spot on Driving