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Spot On provides quality Driving Lessons and Theory Test Workshops with friendly and patient instructors.

We also provide Instructor Training and Confidence Coaching.

If you’re looking for a quality service then you’ve come to the right place. All our instructors have a high pass rate and we are really proud of our customer reviews. We’ll listen to you, we'll find out your needs and plan driving lessons to be delivered at your own pace.

What We Offer

spot on driving school

  • Young Driver Lessons
  • Driving Lessons
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Theory Test Workshops
  • Driving Instructor Training
  • OldPain2Go

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Pass With Confidence
Drive Away Anxiety

Why choose Spot On Driving?

Our instructors are patient, calm and will help you to enjoy and feel at ease in your lessons

All lessons are carefully planned to cater for your needs, and let you to learn at your own pace

You’ll receive guidance on preparing for your lessons, a video to watch and/or some notes to read. Preparing for lessons is your own choice, but will result in less lessons needed overall, saving you time and money

You will receive support and help with the Theory Test

Instructors are committed to CPD (Continual Professional Development), to ensure that they are teaching using up to date methods and techniques

Throughout your lessons you will develop the skills, not only to pass your driving test, but to become a safe driver

Many Spot On learners pass their driving test on their 1st attempt!

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Carissa Haddock

It was very important to me to have a driving instructor who's very patient, friendly and helpful. I thought I would never learn to drive because I'm very nervous. I didn’t expected that my driving instructor would be so very patient and keep on encouraging me to drive safely. I found my driving instructor’s teaching methods are very helpful. Eddie was encouraging and overall excellent. I would highly recommend Spot on Driving School because they help you from the very start with your theory test, and all the way through until your driving test. Spot On is an excellent school and has excellent driving instructors.

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