Theory Test Workshops

Pass with Confidence - Drive Away Anxiety

To Prepare for & Pass
your Theory Test...
come along to a 'Theory Test Workshop'

Do you want to feel confident about your theory test?

Do you want to hear all about how to pass your theory test?

Do you want to see techniques for passing both parts of your test?

Imagine how great it will be when you pass?



There is a choice of:

  • 1-day workshop
  • Additional support
  • Skype workshop
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Which Workshop Shall I Choose?

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Below are some ideas about which workshop will be siutable for you.

It is possible to complete a 1-day workshop and then book some additional support.

If you feel a 2-day workshop would suit you better, please let us know

If you're not sure, Ann-Marie will be happy to give you some advice.

Workshop times are 10:00am until 16:30pm

Your theory training tutor will be available through your lunchtime and break times to answer questions and give additional support if needed.

1-day Theory Workshop

This workshop is suitable for anyone who:

has attempted and failed their theory test, one or several times

has not attempted to take their theory test

wants to prepare well for their test and wants to pass first time

wants to understant the theory of driving to be a safer driver

does not have additional learning needs

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Skype Workshop

Workshops done over Skype are suitable for anyone who:

cannot attend a workshop at a venue

has not yet attempted to take their theory test and want to be fully preparedheir theory test

has attempted and failed their theory test, once or several times

wants to understand the theory of driving, to be a safer driver

is willing to complete the self-study between the lessons


Additional Support

This is suitable for anyone who:

has attended the workshop and needs/wants support to continue preparing for their test

has not yet attempted to take their theory test and want to be fully preparedheir theory test

would like to complete the necessary self-study with support

has learning difficulties and requires additional support

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Books to buy

We recommend that you purchase the following three books:

Driving the Essential Skills

Know your Traffic Signs

Highway Code

These books are available to purchase at our classroom. Please let us know before attending so we can make sure we have enough copies. 

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What we do on the workshops?

The workshop has been designed to accommodate all types of learners. We have designed and created…

* Worksheets

* Slides

* Videos

* Activities

* Games

…all to make learning the facts easier!

You’ll have access to the theory app we subscribe to, and you’ll get the opportunity to use it during the day. 

You’ll use this app to complete preparation, before you take your test.

What is included in the workshops?

You only need to bring your lunch and drinks.

We will provide paper to make notes, pens, coloured pens, a folder to store your notes and worksheets.

Depending on the venue, drinks and snacks may be provided. Please confirm this with your trainer. 

You will have access to our theory app for up to 2 weeks after your workshop.

Taking your Theory Test

I advise you to take your theory test within 2 weeks of completing a workshop.

This is so that you have time to complete the necessary preparation, and all of the information is still fresh in your mind.

You’ll take it at a test centre local to you.

Book your theory test here:

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PLEASE NOTE: Tutors will be available throughout the breaks to answer any additional questions and give extra help if needed

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