Driving Theory Test Documents

Driving Theory Test Documents

In this blog I cover the driving theory test documents you need to learn to enable you to pass your driving theory test. Read this to help you with DVLA theory test practice, and watch the video included to help further understand the documents.

Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)

In your theory test, you will answer questions about the Vehicle Registration Certificate.

This is the document that you will get when you buy your car. It’s also known as a log book. 

The registration certificate shows:

  • Name and address of the registered keeper
  • Date the vehicle was first registered
  • Information about the vehicle, including its make, model and engine size

If anything changes, the registered keeper is responsible for informing DVLA.

The DVLA need to know if you:

  • Change your vehicle
  • Change your name
  • Change address
  • Health changes
  • Eyesight does not meet the required standard

Car Insurance

There are three types of insurance. 

The legal minimum type of insurance is Third-party

Third-party insurance only covers:

  • damage to the other vehicle
  • damage to someone’s property
  • injury to another person

The second type of insurance is Third-party, fire and theft 

This covers all of the above plus damage to your vehicle through fire and theft 

The best type of insurance is Comprehensive

Apart from covering the other persons and property for injury and damage, it also covers damage to your vehicle

It is illegal to drive without valid insurance

The maximum fine for driving without insurance is unlimited

Insurance excess

Your policy may have an excess. If your policy has a £500 excess, this means that you will cover the first £500 of your claim.


This is a check to show: 

  • your car is road worthy
  • all parts work properly 
  • exhaust emissions don’t exceed the prescribed limits

An MOT certificate lasts for one year.

If you have a brand-new car, you won’t need to get the car MOT’d until it’s 3 years old.

It is illegal to drive without valid MOT certificate unless you are driving to a pre-booked appointment.

If you drive without an MOT certificate, your insurance will not be valid.

Road Tax 

If you intend to use or keep your vehicle on a public road, you need to pay road tax.

Before taxing your car, you must have:

  • Valid insurance
  • An MOT

SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification)

If you don’t intend to use or keep your vehicle on a public road, you do not need to pay road tax.

If your vehicle will not be used or kept on a public road, you can declare SORN.

SORN is valid until you are going to use the car on the road, and it is taxed. Or until the vehicle is either sold or scrapped.

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