Learner Drivers on Motorways

From 4th June this year, Learner Drivers will be allowed to practice driving on Motorways for the first time ever.

This is a fantastic opportunity for learners to gain valuable experience with an instructor, prior to passing their driving test and going it alone.

Until now, the first time that many drive on these faster roads is after they have passed their practical test. Motorway driving can be frightening for many. Although they are generally safe, the speed, multiple lanes and different signs and markings, can make them daunting for new drivers.

The rules are:

  • The learner must be accompanied by a qualified driving instructor
  • The vehicle must have dual controls fitted
  • The vehicle must have L plates at the front and back

Although learner drivers will be allowed on Motorways in lessons, it is not compulsory and they will not be expected to drive on Motorways during their test.

The reason for the changes is to allow learners to:

  • Receive more experience driving before taking their practical test
  • Receive training on joining and leaving motorways
  • Learn how to use lanes correctly
  • Learn how to overtake safely
  • Give learner drivers more experience driving at much faster speeds
  • Teach learners to understand Motorway signs and markings
  • Give learners knowledge about how to cope if they break down on a Motorway
  • Improve confidence of learners to drive alone after they have passed their test

If a learner has a Motorway local to them, but does not want to drive on it during their driving lessons, it will be beneficial for them to have a Motorway Lesson when they feel ready, after they have passed their test, and after having some experience driving on the roads alone.

Spot On Driving offer Motorway Lessons and we recommend that all learner drivers have experience with an instructor when they feel ready.

Please feel free to contact Ann-Marie Winterburn for more information.