COVID 19 Update: Theory Tests, Driving Lessons, Driving Tests (July 2020)

Driving lessons and tests have started again in England. On Saturday the 4th of July driving lessons and theory tests could be resumed, and on the 22nd of July practical driving tests restarted.

Driving lessons 

Driving lessons will look different to how they were pre-lockdown. 

It’s up to individual driving instructors what precautions they will take. Here are the measures that Spot On may be taking throughout your lessons: 

  • The car will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products before and after each lesson 
  • As lessons are 2-hours long the car will be aired on the touch points cleaned part way through the lesson 

Touchpoints include steering wheel gear lever dials, stalks, seat belt door handle, parking brake and so on 

  • Discussions will take place outside of the vehicle when possible 
  • In car discussions will be facing forwards 
  • Instructors and pupils will wear face masks 
  • Instructors and pupils will regularly apply and offer antibacterial hand gel 
  • The car will be well ventilated and air conditioning use will be kept at a minimum 
  • Pupils will be contacted prior to their lesson to ensure that they have no symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been in contact with anybody who has symptoms 

Theory Tests 

Theory Test restarted in England on Saturday the 4th of July. 

Test centres have taken precautions to aim to maintain social distancing. These are:

  • Floor markings help to keep people two metres apart 
  • Some workstations have been taped off to maintain more distance between candidates as they are taking their tests 
  • Workstations, computers, headphones etc will be cleaned before every test 
  • Extra cleaning of the test centres is taking place
  • There are protective transparent screens at the reception desk
  • Hand sanitiser is available to use as you arrive and as you leave
  • Antiviral wipes are available for you to wipe down your locker before you put your belongings in
  • Staff will wear a face covering (unless there’s a medical reason that prevents them from doing so) 
  • Candidates will be asked to wear a face mask which they will have to remove briefly for identification purposes 
  • You should come to the test centre alone
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Practical Tests

Practical tests restarted on Wednesday the 22nd of July. 

Learners whose driving tests have been cancelled during lockdown are being given priority to rebook their test. 

These pupils who have had tests cancelled will be contacted and invited to book a test at an appropriate time. It will be in date order so if you’ve not received an email, yet you don’t need to be concerned. There are a lot of tests to rearrange!

If you have not previously had a test booked, you cannot currently arrange one. The booking system will not be open for new candidates until all of the candidates who have had tests cancelled during lockdown have been contacted and given the opportunity to rebook 

Here is what a driving test will look like:

  • Candidates are being told to arrive at the test centre no more than five minutes before their test time 
  • Waiting rooms and toilets are closed but you will be able to use the toilet if you have a disability or medical condition, or if you are pregnant 
  • You must make sure the inside of a vehicle is cleaned before the test
  • The examiner will use an antiviral wipe to clean the passenger door and anything they’ll need to touch inside the vehicle 
  • Candidates are expected to wear a face covering during their test. If you do not bring a face covering, then your test will not go ahead. 
  • If you have a problem with your face covering during your test the examiner will ask you to pull up and adjust it. If the issue continues then your test will be cancelled 
  • The examiner will wear a face covering 
  • The examiner may choose to wear gloves and use a disposable seat cover 
  • If you make more than the maximum number of driving faults during your test, your test will be ended early and you will be directed back to the test centre. This is to minimise time in the car with the examiner.
  • Your instructor cannot accompany you on your driving test.
  • At the end of your test the examiner will give you feedback outside of the vehicle at a socially distance. 
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Wearing masks doing your driving test

Pupils must wear a face covering when they come to the test centre, unless they have a good reason not to. This includes if:

  • they have a mental or physical illness or impairment, or disability that means they cannot put on, were or remove a face covering 
  • putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause them severe distress 

Pupils must have disclosed that they have a good reason not to wear a face covering when they book their test.

It is important that pupils practise wearing face coverings before their test because if they have a problem during their test the examiner will ultimately end the test early.

If, for example your mask is falling down away from your nose and mouth, or if your glassed are steaming up, the examiner will ask you to pull up and offer advice. If the issue continues the test will be brought to an end.  

It goes without saying that pupils must not attend their test if their size self-isolating.

They must not come to their test if they or someone they live with has Coronavirus symptoms.

They must not come to their test if they have been told by the NHS Test and Trace service that they’ve been in contact with the person who has coronavirus 

All measures that’s her taking place are to keep you and others safe and to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

It’s a good idea to get used to wearing a face covering, and talking with the face covering on, well before your driving lessons and test. 

Other Relevant Dates

  • Driving Tests are suspended in areas under lockdown in England
  • Driving Tests will restart in Wales on 17th August
  • Driving Tests are currently suspended in Scotland
  • Theory Tests have restarted in England and 
  • Theory Tests have restated in Scotland
  • Theory Tests will restart in Wales on 3rd August