Potential Driving Instructors

Have you got your Part 3 test soon?
Do you feel overly anxious about it?
Are you worried that you won’t perform as well as you can?

Although anxiety is a normal and essential part of life, it can get too intense for some people and this can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health.

Anxiety will affect your ability to perform well in your Part 3 as you’ll find it more difficult to concentrate.

How would it be if you could remove this anxiety?

How much more could you achieve if you felt no anxiety?

What would your result be if you went to take your test feeling much more confident in yourself?

At Spot On Coaching we use many techniques that will help get rid of your anxiety, and help you feel calmer, more confident, happier and much less stressed.

Whether you have Time Line Therapy, Kinetic Shift, Hypnotherapy or NLP Techniques, you will leave the session in a much better frame of mind and knowing you can go on to pass your Part 3 test.

After all, you’ve completed your training and started to teach pupils, so you know it’s easy…don’t you?

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