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I’m Ann-Marie Winterburn and I’m an Approved Driving Instructor and Instructor Trainer, as well as an NLP Master Practitioner.

I qualified as an ADI in 2013 and have been developing my driving school since then.

There are six instructors in the Spot On team at present, it is a true family business with my husband, Eddie, and my son, Alex, working as instructors alongside me.

I became aware of NLP in 2017 and developed a fascination for it, and for how it can transform a person’s life. In 2019 I qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner as well as Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Kinetic Shift Practitioner, Master Time Line Therapist and OldPain2Go Practitioner.

Since then I’ve been passionate about helping driving instructors and learner drivers to eliminate their negative feelings and anxiety, they feel about taking their tests.

To qualify as a driving instructor, PDIs (Potential Driving Instructors) take three qualifying tests:

  • Part 1 – Theory test
  • Part 2 – Driving test
  • Part 3 – Teaching test

The Part 3 test can bring a great deal of anxiety for some instructors as they only have 3 attempts at it. Anxiety can reduce their ability to perform well, therefore may result in a lower score than needed to qualify.

Once qualified, ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors) are assessed on a regular basis. They are required to take a Standards Check Test every two to four years. Again, this test causes many instructors a great deal of anxiety and, subsequently, a poor performance. This could lead to a lower grade than needed (some instructors need an A grade if, for example, they are trainers and want to take an ORDIT test) or even test failure.

Learner drivers need to take a Theory Test and a Practical Driving Test. Even if they are well prepared and test ready, many learners suffer from feelings of stress and anxiety while being tested. This results in lack of focus and concentration and poor decision making.

Using NLP and other techniques I work to eliminate these feelings of anxiety and build confidence. This allows PDIs, ADIs and Learner Drivers to see how easily they can pass their tests.

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