Automatic Driving Lessons

Learning to drive in an automatic car could be a quicker and simpler method of passing your driving test sooner.

automatic driving lessonsMany people find learning to drive in a manual car too much of a challenge. Some people have a disability that makes changing gear or putting the clutch pedal down too difficult, or even not possible. Some people find using the clutch and gears while negotiating road systems and other road users too much to focus on.

Why learn to drive an automatic car?

Controlling the clutch smoothly and accurately is the most challenging part of learning to drive for many people.

An automatic car is much easier to drive because there are only two pedals to use, the gas pedal and the brake pedal.

As the car speeds up or slows down the car will automatically select the correct gear for you.

Not having to change gear gives you more time to focus on the road ahead, any potential hazards and correct road positioning.

Not having to cope with the challenges of managing the clutch and gears can help you get to test standard much sooner, therefore being free to get out on the roads much earlier.

What to consider when choosing to learn to drive in an automatic car

Although learning to drive an automatic car can be a quicker and simpler process than learning in a manual car, once you’ve passed your driving test you are only allowed to drive automatic cars.

If you want to eventually drive manual cars as well, you’ll need to pass another test in a manual car first.

At Spot On we offer lessons in both manual or automatic cars.

You can choose to take lessons weekly or have a semi intensive course.