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Gillingham Driving LessonsLearning to Drive in Gillingham

Spot On Driving has an excellent reputation in Gillingham for providing quality, client-centred driving lessons to local pupils.

We pride ourselves in treating each learner as an individual. We find out how you like to learn and adapt your lessons accordingly. This way you are much more likely to retain skills and information, as well as take responsibility for your own learning.

We understand that learning to drive can be quite daunting at first, so we ensure that we listen to any concerns you may have. Your progression and development will be at your own pace.

We provide quality eLearning for all our pupils through our website so you can prepare for your lessons in advance. You are also able to revisit what you have covered previously in preparation for your tests. Having an idea about what you are going to cover in your lesson will help your knowledge and understanding of each topic, help you to learn quicker and cover more on each lesson.

Gillingham is a great place to start learning to drive. There is the fairly quiet Gyllas Way estate to start off in, then through the town with a couple of roundabouts and sets of traffic lights to deal with as you develop.

If you a particularly nervous learner we are happy to start your lessons at Henstridge Airfield. It may be best to meet your instructor at the airfield so your time in the driving seat isn’t taken up with being driven there. If you cannot get transport to the airfield we are happy to collect you and drive you there. On the journey, you and your instructor can get to know each other, as well as discuss driving topics such as the cockpit drill, controls, how to move, steering skills, positioning and stopping the car.

Driving Lessons Gillingham


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Your Driving Lessons in Gillingham

If this is your 1st driving experience you will probably start your lesson at the end of Gyllas Way (away from the roundabout). It’s a popular ‘nursery route’ for new learners. You will drive up and down Gyllas Way, turning at the roundabout and doing a Turn in the Road manoeuvre at the other end (with your instructors help if needed).

You will then progress to driving around the whole of that estate and the Wyke estate to cover turns, emerges, manoeuvring, clutch skills and so on.

Eventually you will start to drive through Gillingham town and the local traffic lights, crossings and roundabouts. Getting to other local towns like Shaftesbury and Sherborne will be the next step. The town centres in these places can be quite challenging and it’s a great sense of achievement when you manage to drive through them.

Don’t worry though, your instructor will not take you to these places until you feel ready.

As you get closer to test standard most of your lessons will be in Yeovil so you can become familiar with the area, including the roundabouts, dual carriageways and even the road that the test centre is on. Your instructor will make sure you get experience with and become confident with, all of the more challenging locations in Yeovil to enable you to pass your test.

Please visit our Prices page for our latest Pay As You Go or Block Booking prices. We also offer Young Driver lessons and refresher lessons.

Your Test Centre

You will take your driving test at Yeovil Test Centre, Preston Road, Yeovil. (Abbey Manor Business Centre, Preston Road, Yeovil BA20 2EN)

You will get the chance to become very familiar with the test centre location throughout your driving lessons, and your instructor will direct you there from Gillingham via varying routes. You may go up the A30 through Milborne Port and Sherborne, or up the A303 coming on and off at different junctions.

This way you will get lots of different driving practice completed on the journey into Yeovil, from rural roads to villages, towns and dual carriageways.

How soon you start to drive into Yeovil in your lessons will be entirely up to you and your instructor, but remember that there is a lot to learn in other locations such as Shaftesbury and Sherborne.

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