About the Theory Test

You MUST pass a Theory Test before booking your Practical Driving Test.

Knowing about the theory test will give you a much better chance of preparing well and passing on your first attempt.

Before you can book your Practical Driving Test you must have passed a Theory Test.

The Theory Test is in 2 parts:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Hazard Perception Test

Both of these parts of the test must be passed on the same day. If you fail one part of the test you must re-take both parts.

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Theory Test Preparation

All Spot On 'driving pupils' and 'theory students' are enrolled onto our App, Theory Test Pro.

This is to help them to know about the theory test, and to prepare for it well.

Theory Test Pro is the best online revision resource available.

Learners who use Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass their theory test.

About the Theory Test - Hazard Perception & Multiple Choice

- You have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions -

 - Then you will look for 15 hazards, within 14 hazard perception clips -

Hazard Perception Test

A hazard is anything that may cause a driver to stop, swerve or slow down.

This test is about spotting hazards in good time and clicking the mouse when you see it, and again when you notice it developing into an actual hazard.

There is a scoring window for each clip. You can score between 1 and 5 if you click within the window. You will score 0 if you click outside of the window.


You notice a young person on a bicycle quickly approaching a junction ahead on your left.

You click the mouse as you spot it because you think it might pull out in front of you.

It is not yet an actual hazard though.

The bike does pull out in front of your car causing you to slow down.

It is now an actual hazard so you double click the mouse this time.
It may be worth one extra click when you have had to take action to be sure you have clicked within the scoring window – so 4 clicks in total for the actual hazard.


About The Hazard Perception Test

You will watch 14 short film clips, one after the other.

Each clip is about 1 minute long.

14 clips have one hazard. 1 clip will have 2 hazards. You will not know which clip has 2 hazards.

You can click many times, but if a pattern is detected then you will fail that clip.

Pass Mark: 44 / 75

Multiple Choice Questions

The questions are based on the information from three books:

  • Highway Code
  • Know Your Traffic Signs
  • Driving the Essential Skills


The questions you'll be asked have the following topics:

  • Accidents
  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Documents
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Motorway Rules
  • Other Types of Vehicles
  • Road and Traffic Signs
  • Rules of the Road
  • Safety Margins
  • Safety and your Vehicle/Motorcycle
  • Vehicle/Motorcycle Handling
  • Vehicle/Motorcycle Loading
  • Vulnerable Road Users



About The Multiple Choice Test

You will answer 50 questions.

Each question is a multiple choice.

You will also complete a Case Study. You will watch a short film clip and answer questions about it.

You are able to 'flag' questions you are not sure about so you can go back to them later in the test.

Pass Mark: 43 / 50

Your Theory Test Certificate lasts for 2 years.

You must pass your Practical Test within two years of passing it.

If you don't pass your practical test within 2 years, you'll have to re-take your theory test.

About the Theory Test
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