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  • Are you looking for driving lessons?
  • Do you want to feel the freedom and independence of passing your driving test?

If so, then you’ve definitely come to the right place to hear all about our driving lessons.

Driving lessons with Spot On instructors will help you to learn to drive and book driving test and pass driving test faster and easier.

Instructors are trained to the very highest standard and use the latest coaching methods to help you become the safest possible driver.

They deliver driving lessons to cover the whole learn to drive syllabus, at a pace that suits you and your needs, and fully prepared you to pass your driving test.

Spot On learners can use our Online Workshops, which are designed and created to help you learn to drive easier, to be safer and to pass your test quicker.

You will be ready to book driving test quicker when you learn with Spot On and use our driving theory courses

Spot On owner, Ann-Marie, tells what Spot On has to offer

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The Spot On policy is to provide an excellent service and the highest quality driving lessons to all pupils.

All Spot On instructors have high pass rates because our driving lessons are structured, which enables learners to achieve the most possible out of each and every driving lesson

Learners are encouraged to take responsibility for their own development, and they become knowledgeable, independent and confident before taking their test.

This is also helped by having regular mock tests, starting from ‘Mini 5-minute Mock Tests’ to ‘Full 40-minute Mock Tests’.

Throughout driving  lessons, learner drivers are encouraged to make decisions with their instructor about route planning and have lots of opportunities to take part in independent driving.

Just imagine how fantastic it will feel once you’ve passed your driving test and have your full driving licence!

  • NOW - what will you be able to do?
  • NOW - where will you be able to go?
  • NOW - how will you feel?

Even the most anxious Spot On learner ends up feeling calm, relaxed and confident about driving by the time they take their driving test.

Picture how great it will feel when you are confident enough to take yourself wherever you want to go!

What Do We Offer at Spot On:

  • Driving Lessons - Pass Your Driving Test
  • Theory Test Courses - Pass Your Theory Test
  • Driving Instructor Training - Train To Become A Driving Instructor
  • Confidence Coaching - Get Rid Of Your Anxiety / Feel More Confident
Driving Lessons Blandford

Why choose Spot On Driving?

Our instructors are patient, calm and will help you to enjoy and feel at ease in your lessons

All lessons are carefully planned to cater for your needs, and let you to learn at your own pace

You’ll receive guidance on preparing for your lessons, a video to watch and/or some notes to read.

Preparing for lessons is your own choice, but will result in less lessons needed overall, saving you time and money

You will receive support and help with the Theory Test

Instructors are committed to CPD (Continual Professional Development), to ensure that they are teaching using up to date methods and techniques

Throughout your lessons you will develop the skills, not only to pass your driving test, but to become a safe driver

Many Spot On learners pass their driving test on their 1st attempt!

The most important thing to me was to have a driving instructor what was friendly, reliable, comforting and reassuring. I wanted an instructor with flexibility who calms my nerves and teaches me with confidence. One to really help me. Learning to drive was easier than I expected but I felt more challenged in the beginning. 

Candy’s teaching methods were really really helpful. 
I’d recommend Spot On because they’ve made me feel so confident, happy and relaxed with my driving. 
I have really enjoyed my lessons with Candy. She is the best! I feel so ready on my own, thanks to Spot On. 
Amy Hurst
Amy passes her driving test with Spot On