Refresher Lesson


Spot On Driving offers Refresher Driving Lessons for any qualified driver who will benefit from further training. They are designed to fulfill a particular requirement of an individual.

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A Refresher Driving lesson will improve skills such as better awareness, better eco-driving skills, improved anticipation and more advanced forward planning skills. These skills will enable you to read the road better and consequently reduce wear and tear on your vehicle as well as reduce fuel consumption. As a result, you will be a much safer driver with less chance of being involved in an incident.
A single lesson, or a short course of lessons, won’t cost you a fortune but will result in safer, more confident driving.

A reminder of basic driving skills can be a fantastic confidence boost to any driver!

Driving skills are assessed to enable the instructor to give advice on improving driving skills and eliminating those bad habits that we all develop over time.

Book your Refresher Lesson now to become a more Confident, Safe and Aware driver.