Driving Instructor Training

The Driving Instructor training course offered by Spot On provides training materials, 1-2-1 tuition and support throughout all parts of your course from an ORDIT registered trainer.

Choose Spot On for your driving instructor training.  

Training can be completed on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or you may complete several hours over a week or weekend. The choice is yours. Your trainer will endeavour to fit in with you and your needs. 

Part 1 Training with Spot On Driving

As part of the training package you will receive all the recommended DVSA study books and access to the online revision programme Theory Test Pro.

Once you have enrolled onto the course you will start to have contact with your trainer immediately. On your first session, you will have an assessment of your driving and you’ll be given comprehensive verbal and written feedback with some areas to begin to work on improving in preparation for your Part 2 test. You might as well start planning and preparing for this test immediately, and you will be able to do this every time you go out and drive your car.

On your next 2 sessions with your trainer you will be introduced to the Part 3 skills of fault finding and teaching to drive. Your trainer will play the part of a learner to give you an idea of what the training and what the actual job entails. This may sound a bit daunting to do, so early on in the course, but it is actually a great deal of fun. Your trainer does not expect too much from you, they just want you to get a practical idea of what the job is all about.

On your final Part 1 session you will cover hazard perception skills to help with your Part 1 test. Unless you prefer otherwise, your lesson will be in the car where you will be given extra advise about passing this part of the test as well as some driving to identify and deal with the actual hazards you may come across in the hazard perception test.

The information learnt during this phase of your training will be invaluable, and will help you to progress smoothly through the rest of the course.

On each lesson, you will discuss your theory revision progress and your trainer will give you any advice needed. Spot On is committed to helping you throughout all of your training, and will be on hand to respond to messages between your lessons as well. You will be able to contact your trainer by email, or on their personal mobile number or the Spot On Instructors Facebook page.

There are up to 6 hours allocated to Part 1 training (depending on what package you purchase)

Part 2 Training with Spot On Driving

You will get access to our eLearning courses to help with this part of your training. Your trainer will give comprehensive feedback after every driving session you have in order to help you to make maximum progress between your lessons. You will also be given projects to complete in your private practice that will help you to improve hazard awareness, commentary driving, road skills and manoeuvring skills.

Whether you have passed your Part 1 at this point or not, you will continue to see your trainer for Part 2 driving sessions.

There are up to 14 hours allocated to Part 2 training.

You will have at least one mock test prior to taking your test to give you an idea of what to expect on test day. Mock tests can help you to decide if you need extra Part 2 training sessions or not.

There are up to 14 hours allocated to Part 2 training (depending on what pacakge you purchase)

Part 3 Training with Spot On Driving

You will start Part 3 training when all Part 2 training has been completed and you have passed your Part 1 test.

As with learning to drive, the best way of developing instructor skills is by taking regular sessions at a time and pace that suit you and that you feel comfortable with. After each session, you will need time to reflect in order to absorb the training and then practice in your own time so that you show continual progression.

There are a minimum of 40 hours allocated to Part 3 training.

You will receive a Part 3 Training Manual and Workbook with invaluable information to guide you to success. In the manual, you will be able to record your progress to continually recap on your strengths and weaknesses.

Initially your trainer will play the role of a learner driver during your training sessions. You will complete a number of exercises to enable you to develop the knowledge and the skills required to pass the exam and work as a driving instructor.

Later in your training you will get the opportunity to teach real learners who are at different stages of their learning and have varying abilities. You will carry out 1 hour lessons with your trainer observing from the back seat, followed by a feedback session with only your trainer present. You will also have the opportunity to observe a Spot On instructor delivering driving lessons.

Once you have completed 40 hours of Part 3 training you will have the option of applying for a Trainee Licence. At this point you can be paid while you are training, although the point of the licence is to get valuable experience prior to taking your test. The hours you can work will be limited to ensure you have time to reflect, study and to develop your skills. Working too many hours can detract from the overall goal, to pass the Part 3 test.

There are a minumum of 40 hours training allocated to Part 3 training.

Become A Driving Instructor

The ADI training course with Spot On Driving School creates successful and confident driving instructors. 

Franchise Opportunities

Once qualified you are welcome to join our team. It's a fantastic opportunity for newly qualified instructors.