Become A Driving Instructor

Do you dream of a change of career? Do you want to control your own working day? Do you want to choose how many hours that you work?

Why Become a Driving Instructor?

You're in the right place if you want to look into training to become a driving instructor.

There really are loads of reasons to hear all about why you should train for a new career as a driving instructor.

You are your own boss, and can work the days and hours that you choose. You can use your car for personal reasons and for work, and you will get an amazing sense of achievement when your pupils pass their driving test.

Our Lead Trainer, Ann-Marie, is ORDIT registered (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers), meaning you can be assured of a superior learning experience.



Train to become a driving instructor

Eddie reviews his training with Spot On

About the Training

To train to become a driving instructor you'll need to take three qualifying tests.

  • Part 1 - Theory test
  • Part 2 - Test of driving ability
  • Part 3 - Test of teaching ability

You must pass the Part 1 test before you can book the Part 2 test, and you must pass the Part 2 test before you can book the Part 3.

Choosing to be trained by an ORDIT trainer is the very best decision you can have three attempts at the Part 2 and 3 test, and so a training programme that is flexible and proven will ensure you of success!

A bonus is that you can earn while you train! Once you've completed 40 hours of Part 3 training you can apply for a trainee licence and start teaching for money!

The trainee licence lasts for 6 months, before which you must have passed your Part 3 test.

Driving Instructors

Ann-Marie, Owner and Lead Trainer at Spot On

There are So Many Benefits of Being a Driving Instructor?

  • Choose the days you work
  • Work as many hours as you want
  • Decide for yourself what time you start and finish work
  • Take holidays whenever you choose
  • You are your own boss
  • You can use your car for both work and pleasure
  • Your car and running costs are paid for by your pupils
  • It is an extremely rewarding career



Our ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) training courses can be part time or full time. Training is arranged around you and your current commitments so that you can work and develop at a pace that suits you.

How amazing it will feel when you are a fully qualified driving instructor?

Once qualified we guarantee you a franchisee position in our driving school, or you can choose to launch your own business and be completely independent . It's completely your own decision.


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Driving Instructor Training

We provide a quality Instructor Training Course to help you become a successful and confident Approved Driving Instructor.

Franchise Opportunities

Once you have qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor, we would be happy welcome you to join the Spot On Driving team.

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